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Fitness Business Consulting

If you are a professional looking to start your own fitness business, you already have a passion for fitness. You also need business acumen and specialized industry knowledge. Fitness Plus founder and owner Sheila Kalas is an entrepreneur who understands all facets of the fitness industry. She can provide you with the information and advice needed for fitness startups and fitness owners who are experiencing business challenges.

$150 per hour

Strong Over 50 Certification and Distributorship

Strong Over 50” (SO-50) is a new fitness program using patent-pending equipment. Working with a team of exercise physiologists over a five-year period, John Stuef of Raleigh, N.C., developed and manufactured the Strong Over 50 system. He released SO-50 via a distributorship basis in September 2012.

Fitness Plus is the exclusive distributor of the Strong Over 50 product and program for the state of Kentucky.

Nine of the Fitness Plus personal trainers are SO-50 certified, and qualified to certify other personal trainers and gym owners throughout Kentucky.

The equipment and exercise accessories provide a suspension fitness training system with a focus on safety. The patent-pending rack equipment is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, corrosion-resistant Delrin bearings, heavy-duty grips and a height adjuster. Exercise accessories for the SO-50 system include an ab strap, door hanger and mounting strap with carabineer. Focusing on body weight suspension, the SO-50 specialized workout routines allow individuals of all ages and fitness levels to improve their balance, endurance and core strength.

If you are a gym owner or personal trainer in Kentucky who wants to offer the Strong Over 50 system to your own clients, contact Sheila Kalas at Fitness Plus and get started with the certification program.