Strong Over 50 Program

Strong Over 50 is a program designed to help your body build and maintain the 3 main things you lose as you age: Strength, Flexibility, and Balance.

The Strong Over 50 Body Weight Bar and training program were conceived and developed by John Stuef, a long-time fitness professional. John saw a need for a safer, more effective way for his older clients to use their own body weight to help them combat the loss of strength, flexibility, and balance as they age.

Are you strong? Why should you be strong? Here are some facts.

1. The 6th leading cause of death after age 60 is from injuries due to falls. Proper strength training improves balance.

2. After age 40 your body starts losing 2 to 3 percent of its muscle a year. Less muscle also means a weaker internal system including your heart, lungs, and liver.

3. Less muscle = lower metabolism, which leads to weight gain.

4. Adults 45 and over who sit for more than 11 hours have a significant increase in risk for early mortality and other key health issues.

There’s hope and help. It’s a program called Strong Over 50.

Our certified Strong Over 50 trainers are here to help you remain strong and independent and keep a high-quality life.

If you are a gym owner or personal trainer who wants to offer the Strong Over 50 system to your own clients, go to Strong Over 50 and learn how you can become a certified trainer or facility.